Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dwarves all up in your mine, laying trapses.

This is just a quick update to let people know what I'm working on.

I'm in the process of adding dwarfy goodness to the game. Dwarves are tricky because, unlike other units, they have no direct attacks. Instead dwarves will try and predict what sections of the map the player is likely to pass through and set traps there.

The tricky part for getting these dwarves working, then, is obviously getting them to lay their traps in the right spots. This is as complicated as it sounds, and probably much more so.

The one bright side to this is that with enough dwarves running around it won't matter if some of them lay traps in bad positions. As long as a few dwarves get their traps in good spots, the player won't know the difference.

Other new stuff to expect in the open beta: Overhauled AI and pathfinding, drunken dwarves, graveyards (a new building type that is beneficial towards for the player), and *MAYBE* the first boss unit for the player to summon (more on him later).

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